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Don't Just Read the Word, Apply It!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020


19 I will give you the keys (authority) of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth [a]will have [already] been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth [b]will have [already] been loosed in heaven.”

Matthew 16:19 (AMP)

The word AUTHORITY has been on my mind the past couple of weeks. God has really been showing me the importance of using and operating in the authority that He has given us. Whether that is through prayer, faith moves, or speaking the word of God. I have been praying as to whether I should make a BIG CHANGE/MOVE in my life. Logically, there are more cons than pros with this decision, but so many unknown factors in regards to the spiritual. This is not a negative, just endless possibility of what God could have in store for us. If we know that His plans are not to hurt us, but to give us an expected end…there has to be an insurmountable blessing waiting for me on the other side of obedience, right?

Acts 1:8 says, We receive POWER, when we receive the Holy Spirit. Then, it goes on to say we will be His witnesses even to the ends of the earth. I believe that we receive access/authority when we not only receive the Holy Ghost, but put forth works that are pleasing and in the will of God! I have seen authority move in my very own family. My mother called not feeling well. My husband and I prayed and he declared that within 30 minutes, she would call feeling way better. That EXACT THING happened.

As I prayed about my grand decision, I heard God say…stop asking me to give you an “end date,” and you tell me when you want it to be. God was calling for me to exercise my authority. I have always been a faith believer even in the toughest moments, but this…this was something out of my norm. This is something that I have no control over. This is something that only God can provide in the midst of.

As I come to the end of Day 1, God has been a very present help. My day has been smooth and I received revelation of my dream! I am a weapon of war…spiritual warfare…spiritual WARRIOR! He has granted ME the keys of the kingdom of heaven! I must have the wisdom to know when to bind what has already been bound in heaven and loose what has already been loosed in heaven. It’s time to operate in who God created, declared, appointed, and authorized me to be…

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