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Tailor Made Cover Art - NJS Creative Designs

You have completed the book and finalized the song, now you need a unique way of getting the attention of potential readers and listeners.

Your Cover Art should give the same impact that your writing provides the reader and listener. Take your Cover art to the next level.

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Have you ever seen a book with a blank cover? No. Why, because before the reader picks up a book, they are first drawn in by the Cover...

Draws Attention - Captivates attention and persuades potential listeners/readers to buy in

Diverse Platforms - Use your cover art for digital and print distribution. You can even rock your cover art on a shirt

A Picture Says A Thousand Words - Express the topic, context, or story of a book, album, song in a strong piece of cover art 

Included With Service:

Available Add Ons

  • PERSONALIZED IMAGE embodies your work and personalized vision.

  • JPEG FORMAT perfect for digital distribution and printing.

(the following list comes with any web design level)
  • multi-style

  • multi-size

  • multi-color

  • moving version (gif or video with song attached)

  • social media content based around cover art

  • amazon e-book formatting

  • amazon book set up

(ask for details during initial consultation)
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