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NJS Creative Designs is a market place ministry dedicated to working alongside each client in the efforts to

transition vision into reality.

We truly believe in putting forth the work to create the best strategy for each client.

We understand the discomfort and stress that is associated with starting a business and/or ministry and we are here to lighten the load through our one on one services that are curated specifically to to each project in the efforts of providing the best service and unfolding the best results. 

Over the past few years, the world has been inching towards the digital world and utilizing digital platforms in ways beyond the understanding of many and we want to help bridge the gap.

The pandemic seems to have expedited the digital transition and jolted many into a world of the unknown.

Marketing, Advertising, Informing, Promoting, and simple business Awareness have all transitioned to a more digital scope forcing many businesses and ministries to concede. While many are against this transition, it is the inevitable and quite frankly, very beneficial IF you are informed and plan accordingly.

Finding the right marketing strategies, cleaning up unnecessary content, and producing digital verbiage that benefits your company is what we are here to help you with.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. Your building more than a business, but a future. Let us help you by taking it the extra mile to now present it to the world in a professional manner that personifies the very essence of your business/ministry without compromise.

It’s not enough to have the vision, now you have to put it into action and NJS Creative Designs is here to help with your creative needs by transitioning your vision into reality and bringing your ideas to life.

Let’s strategize together.

Nicole Smith CEO & Creative Speacialist at NJS Creative Designs

Nicole Smith



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Nicole Smith                            @Nicolesdiary101

Dark Green Paper Structures


Where the vision of ministry and business are transitioned into reality. We provide quality, creative, wholesome materials that will benefit the marketplace through a variety of outlets:

Website Design | Music Cover Art | Book Cover Art | Promotional Material | Branding | Packaging | Flyers | Invitations | Social Media Content 


Our future focus is to serve God while serving others within our community with effective creative strategies that will benefit the company and our clientele for future success.

Dark Green Paper Structures

Dawn Clopton - VP of RANI Fort Wayne

"Thank you for another excellent project done in a timely and professional manner! I love your work and will continue coming back to you for future projects that I may have and also continue to send referrals your way! Your work speaks for itself!"

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