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Come out of the place of "potential"

As I began to begin my day, I heard the Lord say "Come out of the place of potential."

Often times, we find that we are good at certain things in life, but we allow intimidation, fear, doubt, self-sabotaging thoughts to cloud our mind. So much to the point that we find ourselves becoming complacent in the place of potential!

If we could just see ourselves beyond what we COULD be and simply BE that thing, those things, the thing, that we were created to be!

The more we sit in this place, the more comfortable we get and the more time we waste. It can really become a ripple effect in life. Once we rest in potential, we settle in other areas of life as well. Our careers/profession, education, relationships, goals, living establishments and conditions, financial placements, credit or lack thereof. THERE IS A WAY OUT!

Change your perspective, change your conversations, change your thoughts and words towards yourself. Change does not always feel good and often times it may not make sense, but it is for the greater good.

Say this with me..."No matter what I see, taste, feel, smell, hear, or where I currently am in life...THIS IS NOT MY RESTING PLACE! I was created for a purpose in life and I am going to fight for it. Even if that means fighting myself! I can do this as Christ gives me the strength to endure. I will no longer settle, I'm too BOMB for that!"

Know your worth, commit to the journey, stay positive, and watch God move!

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