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Your logo has the potential to go places where you can't.

A logo that stands out and personifies your brand at one glance.

Give your business + ministry a logo that speaks in your absence.

Personalized Logo Design - NJS Creative Designs
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Outside of the fact that this is a MAJOR PIECE TO BRAND IDENTITY...

Online Marketing - website, social media, email signature, images, presentations

Print - business cards, flyers, invites, letterheads, stickers, labels, envelopes, brochures, menus, postcards

Product Placement - apparel, packaging, swag

and more...

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Included With Service:

  • BRAND BASED DESIGN based on color, style, shape, and type.

  • JPEG & PNG DIGITAL FORMATTING perfect for digital placement and printing.

(the following list comes with any web design level)

Available Add Ons

  • multi-style

  • multi-size

  • multi-color

(ask for details during initial consultation)
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